Error Uploading Voiceflow project to Google

By creating a Blank project in Actions console, we are not able to create a custom intent and thus link google and voice flow.
@boltiot please look into this and help us with a new video tutorial.
I took a look at the solution provided by Mr.@ashwin_salgaocar. Still not working sir. Help us out!

Adding to it. If we create a blank project, we aren’t able to connect to dialogflow!

Only the blank project that we create in Google Actions Console are showed up in Voiceflow. The dialog flow projects aren’t shown.
New issues keep coming up. I’ve waited for more than a week for issues to get solved. But as soon as one solves a new one arises. @BoltIoT, Please help us out ASAP!

Also Tried to add the JSON key, which used to be asked for in the previous versions ( which isn’t even asked for by voice flow after this update). Any ideas, Folks?

@prasadprathik10 after custom if u gone through the “blank project” Then u did the wrong step, instead of “blank project” On the same page just go at the bottom and click on “click here”

And after that the step will be the same as instruct by the mentor

yes. @subham3140 Thank you for your reply. I was talking about the recent update given by the instructor.

The first one on top.
Check it out here: Updated Steps of Uploading apps to Google
I followed the newly provided instructions. Still no sunshine!

@prasadprathik10 yeah, I think the new migrated version of voiceflow have some issues… Still many of us are facing issue. Hope so it will resolve…

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@subham3140. Please update us. If the issue solves! Thank you

@ashwin.salgaocar sir