Facing problem in changing the voice options

i am not getting the option to switch from alexa to google assistant when

i open the first project.

There has been an update in Voiceflow, while creating the project itself you gotta choose which project you’re gonna do. You can’t change now!

Then how should i proceed with further steps form the course if i cant upload it to google actions. aslo the present google actions pages and options to proceed in the courese are different. what sholud i do now

Don’t worry buddy, there’s been an update in Google Actions Console too. Just create a new project and after uploading the JSON file(refer VoiceApps Forum), you could just go to the “Integrations” tab on your console and click ‘Google Assistant’, now the testing page will open. If you have any doubt, do check the previous replies in the doubt forum.

Please follow these set up steps to upload your apps to google: Updated Steps of Uploading apps to Google

I don’t know i am getting this much differece in the start only what are the procedures to get the refund?


Please follow the steps given in the following link to initiate the return process and to receive your refund.