Updated Steps of Uploading apps to Google

Step 1: Go to https://creator.voiceflow.com/

Step 2: Create a new project in Voiceflow. You now get the option to select which assistant you want to build for(Alexa or Google Assistant) while creating the project. This has been the new update.

Step 3: Design the whole flow of your app and then click on Connect to Google -> Connect Google. This gives you option to select which Google account you want to connect to. Make sure it is the same throughout. You will then see a dropdown of all the projects of the google account you selected + the option to create google actions project.

Step 4: Create a new Google Actions Project.

Step 5: Select Custom -> Blank project

Step 6: Go back to the Voiceflow page and click on Upload to Google and then in the dropdown that appears, select the google action project you just created.

Step 7: You can test your voice app on the Google Actions Simulator as well as the Google Assistant app(Make sure to be logged into the same account on the app as well)

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im not getting the dropdown where we need to select the google action project . please help. instead im getting please provide dialouge flow credentials

sir i am not getting any dropdown there, by clicking on upload to google it is just asking for dialouge flow credentials.

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Can you please send the screenshot for the same. Send a screenshot similar to this one:

Error creating project shows when I click create project

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sir i am getting this after following the mentioned steps in the video. and sir last 3 video lectures at the end of 1st part of lectures are also outdated hence we are having trouble performing the mentioned actions as they are not there as mentioned in the video.

From the screenshot, I see that the URL used is not https://creator.actions.voiceflow.com/. Please make sure, you are on the right link(https://creator.actions.voiceflow.com/) before you proceed.

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Even I’m getting an error on creating the project.

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I am getting an error while creating a new project.

I used the updated voiceflow site.

bro after generating key as the final step just go the dashboard and integrate the project and click test then try uploading the file its the new procedure.it worked for me finally

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when i use the url https://creator.voiceflow.com/ i get this

i get this after clicking on upload to google and i dont know how to resolve the problem. i tried creating credentials and downloading api key in jason format using google api console but its still showing invalid credentials . @ashwin.salgaocar sir please help

when i use url https://creator.actions.voiceflow.com/ i get this


@ashwin.salgaocar sir please help me regarding this

@shreyaparth99 See the one which we are using teached by sir is “https://creator.voiceflow.com/” but now you are using its beta version i.e, “https://creator.actions.voiceflow.com/”, so i think u have to work on creator.voiceflow not on creator.action.voiceflow … the reason is because the voiceflow is migrated… so use the old one that is “https://creator.voiceflow.com”… So try once if u can…

That old one shows a rendering error and while trying the new one, it shows that google hasn’t verified it yet.

@mrinalsdey33 rendering error is just because u r missing one step that is to test on google before uploading the credential json key to voiceflow dialogueflow box

even i also getting this error @nk05201999 please help

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@kiran.thombare @mrinalsdey33 @shreyaparth99 See , after downloaded the credential key don’t upload the key directly just go first to Dialogflow then at the left bar go to integrations and then click to google assistant and then click on test… Wait for opening the page… Now you can upload the key in voiceflow Dialogflow credentials box…