Music App Error

I am getting this error what shall I do?
can anyone help me out?

Hi @burma.kavya1312,

Please check this thread to see if you have made any similar issues: In Music Player App Session ending after giving name of an artist! Any reason?

Let me know if you still face the issues after going through the solutions provided in the able thread.

ok thank you sir for your reply.

I cannot find preview url in this…help me out!!@ashwin.salgaocar

@nikithadhathri11 You need to search through the API response as it is a big response. This key is present at the end of the response. If you find it difficult, you can use the search feature and search for previewURL and you will get it.

sir , i m also facing the same issue right now , how can i fix this

Make sure you have written the right javascript code and added the code in the custom code block and link the block with the napster API block’s success path. The preview URL will usually be placed at the end of each artist response.

I have issue in player music unable to get output the preview of drake is 0 tracks and the output is finished

@radhakrishna Could you please include the screenshot of your voiceflow?

yes sure

@radhakrishna After New Block 8. Please add a capture block to collect the name of the track, that user wants preview of. Later connect the custom code block.

I got same issues plzz check once again.And thank you for reacting.If I connect the 4 block 5 block and getting another output

@radhakrishna Here the problem is that the code is unable to match the track given by the user with the available tracks. Please check your custom code and paste it here so that I can also check and suggest the changes.

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