Not getting output in cric api

I don’t know the exact reason why this is happening. I tried debugging from start to end but am unable to find my error.
I would like assistance for the same. Wellington used here is one from the latest matches.

@taha.21810883 had u tried with existing match?

I tried existing matches too but unfortunately I am getting the same output

Once try to debug it. Just add the speak block after the API block and see whether you are getting team ID or not first, if not then check the API block.

I changed the code with the one given below the video, after doing this the match names are finally displaying. stat and scores are yet to display

I debugged it entirely again and it seems to be working fine, Thank you @subham3140 for your suggestions.

There is a slight change in cric api. I don’t know whether its temporary or permanent but they have stopped showing stats, i.e. they are not giving stats of the matches. So @ashwin.salgaocar sir if u don’t mind, please update this so that new students won’t have this complaint for the same.

I have added an attachment for reference !!

@taha.21810883 it’s not showing stats may be because the match doesn’t exist .

I don’t know , I tried for 2-3 matches and I was getting the same thing

There is a problem parsing this project once uploaded on google, It is working fine while testing but once uploaded to google it isn’t working neither in simulator nor in assistant from smartphone. It shows invocation error (because the team (country) names used are predefine invoked in Google’s assistant, so whenever I enter the team name invocation error is triggered.)
I need assistance regarding the same!!

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@taha.21810883 once try to create a new google project.
And show me the prototype screenshot as well as in google action console test screenshot

Okay I’ll upload it shortly

They have removed scores too from the API. Now The only thing that API returns is the team name. What shall I do?
P.s : I checked this for 5 consecutive new matches and the scores were not being displayed!

@taha.21810883 in “stat” Key shows nothing na? Means there is none status for this match. Ok leave it I will do this project again and then I will inform you ok, because actually my exams are running that’s why I can’t do it now so sorry. I will inform u soon.

Sure no problem , All the best :+1:t2:

@taha.21810883 could you pls send a screenshot of the prototype result, but before that just change your code block with the below code, it’s just for checking that you are doing the correct steps or not ok

Sorry for the delay @subham3140 . This is my prototype, and yes I have changed the code.

@taha.21810883 I had asked you about the prototype results not the canvas screenshot

Oh! I’ll change in the above post.

It leaves the conversation as soon as I enter team name. I think its because in your code you have initialized the unique_id to a particular number.

@taha.21810883 I just want to see the result if it gives the result for that id or not. U can enter any name for the team but it muct return the status of the past match with that id, so if u get the result means you r doing correct if not than u have to check your code