Regarding certification exam

two sets of content are set to be released on later dates, should i write the exam only after they are released?

This message was from the instructor:

You can take the exam now, as none of the updated content is present in the Certification Test. As we have stated in the training, we will go live with that content by 15th Nov 2020. Post which those questions will appear in the Certificate exam.

We continuously keep improving and adding content to the training. And since you have lifetime access to the training when you bought it, you get any updates to the training for free. You can take the certification exam now and then come back to the training and learn the new content that is added anytime you want.

ok, thank you very much

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@ajaysrinic sir means the exam will be only contains the part which we cover till the exam date. Isn’t it?

Exactly, new content won’t come in the exam if you attend before 30th October.

@ajaysrinic sir an extra project that we have to submit (along with the four project ) can be either just on voiceflow or it must be consist of both voiceflow plus integromat ???

@subham3140 It can be anything linked to Voiceflow. You may or may not choose to include Integromat. Upto you.

@ashwin.salgaocar got it sir thanku.