To do list app issue

So here is the complete rundown of my problem,
I created the entire rundown of my problem:
First I created the entire flow of the project and it was working completely fine. But when I tried to run it on google actions simulator i ran into same issue as To do list error in google actions simulator then I realized Cards are not shown on Actions Simulator then I tested on Google Assistant but the Card showed an output of 0. Then while debugging i found out i returned the initial task variable instead of the “tasks” variable we defined in the code block but now when I declare a new variable ( I have to choose a different name as I have defined tasks by mistake before and I don’t know how to delete defined variables)

I am not able to call that variable into the card block. . Please help

Hi ! @191320. To delete an already declared variable or to create a new variable, follow the process that has been shown in the screenshots. Hope this helps. Thank you

The issue is not me knowing how to delete variables sir, the issue is the variable I declare in the custom code block is not recognized by the card block as a variable. Even after I deleted the variable and defined the variable as tasks in the code block the issue remains.

@191320 The scope of the variables you defined in the custom code block is local, those variables cannot be identified by the other blocks. So you need to create global Voiceflow variable to use it in other blocks of the voiceflow. Hope it helps. Thank you !

Hi… I have gone through same issue initially. So what I did was i created a variable which i want to use through some random block. Later i could access that variable in the code block.