To do list error in google actions simulator

i am getting good output in voiceflow prototype but not in google action simulator.

@pavithrayadav666 once try to give input as “show”

did u mean this?

Show the capture and if blocks

am also facing the same problem in weather app

can any one help me to overcome this error!!!

it is working well in google assistant app but not in simulator:(

Hi @pavithrayadav666, I was not able to replicate this issue on my end. However, I have asked the voiceflow team regarding this issue. I shall let you know the solution to it once we figure out what is going wrong.

thank you so much sir…

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir I am not getting output on my voiceflow prototype testing, I am getting the updated results when I am giving the input

s on the test result of API block , but Unable to see the results in prototype

When I am using Speak block before card block I can hear out names of the tasks but with out that my task list is not getting displayed using the card block

Please check the reply to this thread: To-do list app: Not able to show tasks

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir I checked the reply to the thread and I rechecked my code ,it is correct but I am not able to get result from the card block

I added speak block before card block to check my output ,so it’s responding with correct list but for card block it is showing could not handle step