Weather app is not working

Sir, the weather app is working fine in pc but not on google assistant and simulator . It says weather app is one of the projects to be submitted during the test. Then how do I submit it since its not working?

@rsowmya492, As mentioned before in the forum as well, you can share the video of the working on the prototype tab itself. That will be considered for the certificate exam.

Since the app is working properly in the prototype tab that means it has been created correctly. Due to updates to the Google Actions Platform, it is not working on the simulator and Google assistant.

it is working fine for me. have a look for this

  1. name project without using keywords
  2. make all connections correctly
  3. better to create new google actions project for uploading to google.
    test it now

check weather you have given proper name to your project for example it should be weather application not weather app. Short forms are not allowed in google assistant. Hope this will help you.